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1. Catch

catch a cold 感冒;受凉

catch fire 着火;变得流行,火起来

  catch hold of 抓住

  catch on 流行;领会

  catch on to 理解

  catch one’s breath喘气;休息

  catch one’s eye /attention 引人注目/引起注意

  catch sight of 看见

  catch up with 赶上

  2. Come

  come along 过来;进展,发展

  come along with 随同

  come across 偶尔遇见,偶尔发现

  come at 袭击;拜见

  come by 从旁走过

  come around 到来/苏醒,恢复/改变看法或立场

  come around / round to 赞成;同意

  come back 回来/想起,记起

  come by获得,得到;拜访,串门

  come between 离间,使分开,使产生隔阂

  come down with 因……而病倒;患…病

  come down 流传

  come to the point 抓住要点

  come into contact with 与……接触

  come in for 遭到,受到(责备等):The reporter’s work came in for criticism.

  come on 发生,赶快

  come off 发生,举行 come off it 别傻了,别闹笑话了,别出洋相了

  come out 发行;被告知;结果是;公开宣称

  come into operation 启用

  come to a standstill 停止

  come to a stop 停止;到站

  come to an end 结束

  come to light 真相大白;显露

  come true 梦想成真

  come through 按要求(或期望)做:I asked for their help, and they came through.我向他们求助,他们就帮了我。

  come up to达到;符合;不辜负(live up to)

  come up with 提出;赶上

  come upon 偶然发现(或遇见)

  come a long way 取得进展;明显提高

  come all the way 远道而来;大老远跑来

  come in handy 迟早有用

  come into being 诞生,形成

  come out of 从(某场所)出来;出自

  come to one’s mind 想起

  come to think of it 回头想起

  come to an agreement 达成协议

  come what may 无论如何

  3. Do

  do a favor 帮忙

  do good to 有益于

  do harm to 有害于

  do damage 使受到损失

  do (one) in 使精疲力竭;杀死

  do (one) out of 骗取:His partners did him out of his fair share of the money.他的生意伙伴把他该得的那笔钱骗走了。

  do away with 废除;去掉

  do (one’s) own thing 做自己最喜欢(最擅长的事)的事

  do or die 需要拼命,需要全力以赴

  do over 重做,返工;重新装饰(或装修)

  do one’s best 竭尽全力

  4. Get

  get across 穿过;清楚表达;使理解

  get accustomed to = get used to 习惯于

  get along 进展;相处;度日

  get at 暗示;够得着,触及;

  get away with 逃脱

  get bored doing 厌倦做某事

  get by (勉强)对付过去,(勉强)过活;溜走;勉强过得去

  get down to 开始处理;开始认真对待

  get down 使难过

  get hurt 受伤

  get one’s hopes up 使某人产生希望

  get even with 扯平

  get going 开始

  get hold of 掌握;了解

  get in the way 挡道

  get in 进入,被允许进入;到达

  get in touch with 与……建立联系

  get somewhere/nowhere 有(无)进展

  get off the ground 有所进展;突破

  get off 被允许离开;逃脱惩罚,逃避义务;

  get on one’s nerves 使……心烦

  get on 和睦相处;变老;继续,继续进行,进步;

  5. Go

  go about 流传;开始做(复杂的事);继续

  go after 追求;追逐

  go along 配合:she decided to go along with their plans for the surprise party.

  go around 足够供应,谣言流传;四处走动

  go beyond 超出;胜过

  go back on 违背(诺言等)

  go by 凭……判断;顺便拜访

  go down 下降;下跌;消肿;被记住(铭记)

  go Dutch 各付个的;AA制

  go in (into) 详细调查;从事

  go in for 赞成;参加(考试);热衷于

  go off 消失;变质;爆炸,发出响声

  go off on me 对我发脾气

  go on with = go ahead 继续

  go out 出去;泄密;过时;停止运转,熄灭;约会

  go out of one’s way to do sth.不辞辛苦做...

  go over 参观;复习;仔细检查;被接受(得到赞许);

  go through 通过;经历;完成

  go through with 把…进行到底,完成,实现

  go steady (和某人)正式确定恋爱关系

  go up 上升;增长;上涨

  go under 倒闭,失败,垮掉

  go all out 全力以赴;竭尽全力

  go out of business 歇业;停业

  go without saying 不用说,不言而喻

  on the go 忙个不停的

  go through a lot of money 花了很多钱

  6. Keep

  keep an eye on sth. 照看;密切注视

  keep in mind 记住

  keep in touch with 与……保持联系

  keep pace with 与……同步前进

  keep off 避开

  keep back 隐瞒(信息),拒不告诉;保留,储存

  for keeps 永久地

  keep on (doing) 继续(做某事)

  keep one’s finger crossed 祝……好运

  keep (one’s) eyes open or peeled 密切注视

  keep (one’s) head above water (通过持续努力)生存,继续;勉强对付

  keep track of 追踪;知道;理解

  keep (one’s) sanity 保持镇静

  keep up with 跟上;继续

  keep up one’s spirits 振作精神

  keep cool 保持冷静

  keep count on 保持联系

  keep sth. in mind 把……记在心上

  keep sb. from doing sth 阻止某人做某事

  keep(sth.)to oneself 不与人交往;保守某事

  keep one’s opinion / idea to oneself 不把想法告诉别人



7. Make

  make a fuss 大惊小怪;小题大做

  make advances 取得进展

  make war 发动战争

  make an effort 努力

  make a night of it 痛快的玩一晚

  make a day of it 做了一整天

  make a living 谋生

  make a comeback 东山再起

  make a face 扮鬼脸

  make away with 拿走,偷走

  make a point of 坚持要

  make believe 假装,假扮

  make certain 肯定;确认

  make do 凑合,将就

  make ends meet 收支平衡

  make friends 交朋友

  make for 有利于,有助于

  make it 成功

  make light of 认为…不重要

  make much of 重视

  make the deadline 赶上最后期限

  make a fortune = make big bucks 挣大钱

  make no difference 毫无区别

  make a difference 有影响,有关系

  make out 辨认出;理解;填写

  make off with (迅速)拿走,偷走

  8. Put

  put an end to = put a stop to 终止

  put aside 撇开

  put across 沟通,交流,被理解

  put away 把……放回原处;收起来

  put by 留存,积蓄

  put down 把……记下来;镇压;贬低,看不起;

  put forward 提出

  put off 延期

  put into practice 实践

  put on 穿上;上演

  put sth. in order 把……弄整齐

  put to use 使用

  put up举起;安顿;参与;建立

  put up with 容忍;忍受

  put up to (doing)怂恿,唆使

  put out 熄灭;解雇;给…添麻烦,冒犯

  put out with 对某人生气

  put out by 由于某事而生气

  put through to 电话接通

  put over on 欺骗,愚弄

  9. Take

  take action 采取行动

  take advantage of 利用

  take after 仿效;(相貌、脾气或性格)与…相似,像

  take care of 照顾

  take effect 生效

  take(sb.)for a ride 欺骗,蒙骗(某人)

  take charge of 负责;管理

  take in 接待;减小,改小;理解,明白;欺骗

  take into account = take account of 把……考虑进去

  take into consideration 考虑到

  take it easy 不要紧张;慢慢来

  take it for granted 把……当成理所当然

  take measures = take steps 采取措施;步骤

  take off 起飞

  take one’s time doing sth.从容不迫做某事

  take over 接管;接收

  have what it takes 有能力,能够

  take part in 参加 take potshots at 拐弯抹角地批评,指桑骂槐

  take place 代替;发生,出现

  take out sth. on sb. 向某人出气

  take turns 轮流

  take up占有;着手

  take a break 休息,放松

  take a close look 仔细看一看

  10. Turn

  turn around 转身

  at every turn 到处,时时

  in turn 轮流地→(反义)out of turn

  turn down 关小;拒绝

  turn in = hand in上交

  turn into 把……变成

  turn off 关闭

  turn away 把(某人)打发走 turn blue/green 冻得青紫/羡慕,嫉妒

  turn on 打开

  turn over 移交;再三考虑;翻转

  turn over a new leaf 改变,(尤指)改过自新

  turn to 翻到;转向;求助于

  turn(one’s) stomach 使恶心;使作呕

  turn up 突然发现;找到;出现 turn up (one’s) nose 拒绝

  turn out 结果是;培养;生产;打扮


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